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Saturday Morning Live! with Braden and Leanna is a monthly morning show featuring local New York artists and entertainers. Both Texas natives, Braden Bradley and Leanna McMillin made the move to New York City after graduating from Texas State University to put their degrees to the ultimate test.  While one half of the dynamic duo was successful in becoming a science communicator slash comedian, the other half faked it until he made it to become a master media maven. 


It wasn't until the wee hours of a drunken weekend morning in 2016, when the cosmic forces of Ms. McMillin cast a spell upon the young Mr. Braden Bradley and seduced him to succumb to her wishes of creating a morning talk show. It turned out the spell was unnecessary; as fate would have it, Mr. Braden Bradley was destined to be in front of a camera, any camera! Thus Saturday Morning Live! with Braden and Leanna was created. Episodes can be viewed on Brooklyn Public Access, YouTube, and live on Facebook every third Saturday of the month at 11:30am ET.

Saturday Morning Live!

Saturday Morning Live!

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